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At EAFCC we believe in creating healthy lifestyles, relationships 

 and homes in order to build healthy communities.

Batter's Intervention Program


The Batter's Intervention Program is focused on stopping violence and victimization in the home.

BIP consists of either 30 weekly group sessions or 32 weekly individual sessions

(at the discretion of the clinician)

per KY State Regulation: 920KAR2:020.

All clients will receive a certificate of completion. All sessions are facilitated by a

KY State Certified BIP Provider,

trained to work with individuals, families, and referral source to meet to meet

the needs of the courts. 

Our program emphasizes the core issues hindering healthy

seen most in domestic violence such as: 

  • issues of power and control
  • personal responsibility
  • proper respect for healthy relationships
  • anger management techniques
  • safety planning
  • role of domestic violence on child(ren)
  • the general transfer of violence
  • correlation between substance use and abuse
  • laws and statutes
  • breaking the cycle of abuse and domestic violence
  • building empathy
  • changing negative core beliefs

We at EAFCC are dedicated to working with individuals to assist in breaking habits and cycles of

violence in order to better our families and communities. Allowing the individuals to


into nurturing, caring, and respectful partners and parents.

Call Lynn at 270.234.6139

Get started today for a better tomorrow!

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