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Intensive Outpatient Program


Substance Abuse &/or Mental Health Diagnosis

  • IOP consists of 21- 3 hour groups completed in 7 weeks (3 groups per week)
  • each group is facilitated by a Qualified Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Provider
  • each group will use a workbook from either: MEE Journaling System or Managing Co-Occurrence Disorder both produced by the Change Company
  • each group session will focus on maintaining sobriety and assisting clients in creating a healthy life of recovery
  • Random weekly oral drug tests will be administered to all clients 

At EAFCC we are dedicated to working with individuals to assist in breaking

habits and cycles to better our families and communities and creating an alcohol/drug free healthy life of maintained abstinence. 

Call Lynn at 270.234.6139

Get started today for a better tomorrow!

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