Everlasting Arms Family Counseling Centers


Pamela Riggs, MAE, LPCC, BIP:   Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, KY State Certified Batter Intervention Provider. Specializing in: relationship therapy for adults and children,  early and adolescent behavioral disorders, domestic violence services for both offenders and victims. Many years of experience providing  individual, family, marriage, and group therapy. Supervising therapist/owner

Debbie Buonocore, M. Ed, LPCA:  Trained through state required curriculum to counsel individuals, families and groups with mental health, substance abuse, relationship, and life crisis issues. Internship focused on helping individuals address substance abuse issues and the underlying causes of addiction to minimize the risk of relapse - including, but not limited to, self-esteem, environmental, and social influences, stress factors, depression, anger, and trauma.  Individual and group treatment focusing on prevention, symptom management, and building on existing coping skills.

Tammy Henderson, M. Ed, LPCA: Completed state required curriculum. Interned counseling individuals with multiple disorders ranging from anxiety and depression to PTSD and recovering from substance abuse. Client centered approach with an emphasis on prevention.  Work with individuals and groups to promote optimal mental and emotional health. Experienced in helping individuals deal with issues associated with addictions and substance abuse, family, parenting, marital problems; as well as stress management, self-esteem, anger management, and the grief process.

David M. Burgoon, LPCA

I am a graduate from liberty university with a masters of the arts in professional counseling, with a focus on crisis and trauma. I am a state certified Batterer Intervention Provider (KY state certified), as well as a retired MSG, US Army. I strive to help others change their lives to become more self reliant. I have worked with individuals in the field for over 14 years. I have also worked as a master resilience trainer for 5 plus years helping people to over come life obstacles. I work with all populations and have experience with working with families, children and  military veterans

Regina Hancock, M. Ed., LPCA:  I am a Lindsey Wilson graduate working on my LPCC, with 5 years of experience in the field of Human Services. I have worked with Drug Court and Mental Health Court to gain experience in the field of substance abuse counseling and mental health counseling. I have also worked with Everlasting Arms Family Counseling Centers for the past year where I have gained experience working with people of all ages in individual, family, and group settings, including a parenting group.  Prior to working as a counselor, I worked with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a day program and or residential homes. It is my passion to help people and to give them the knowledge to help themselves.